Call for Papers

November 3-6, 2014

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The inherent potential of reliability and security data is well recognized by academia and industry for assessing dependability properties of computer systems and operational networks, and improving the engineering process. Analysis of textual logs and numeric data produced under real workload conditions by applications, systems, and networks, intrusion detection systems, and issue trackers plays a key role for engineers and practitioners. Nevertheless, in spite of decades of research and methodological advances, data analysis in this specific area keeps posing challenging research questions due to the heterogeneity, volume and velocity of the collected data, the lack of systematic end-to-end analysis procedures, the increasing diversity of analysis objectives and emerging application domains in critical areas.

The workshop addresses the following topics:

  • System logs and security-related data collection, processing and management;
  • Reliability and security evaluation and modeling;
  • Security monitoring and control;
  • Improving reliability and security through data analysis;
  • Benchmarking techniques to assess reliability and security;
  • Novel tools for reliability and security data analysis;
  • Big data analytics for reliability and security assessment;
  • Advances and challenges in reliability and security data analysis;
  • Analytical and simulation studies;
  • Issue and defect analysis;
  • System diagnosis and root cause analysis;
  • Experience reports and data analysis in real-world systems.

Relevant application areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Distributed systems, smart grids and critical infrastructures;
  • Cloud computing infrastructures;
  • Operational networks and network applications
  • Real-time and embedded systems;
  • Database and transactional systems
  • Operating systems;
  • Email and Web-based information systems;
  • Secure and intrusion tolerant systems.