Guest Speakers

November 3-6, 2014

RSDA Keynote #1: Leyla Yumer, Symantec Research Labs

Title. From Script-kiddies to Cyberwars...

Abstract. Internet and the tools that allow us use it brought many comforts into our lives. As a result, it did not take too long before Internet became one of the most indispensable components in various aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, Internet attracted miscreants as well. The more Internet evolved, the more advanced cyber attacks emerged. According to many recent reports, cyber threats are now accepted to be the top threat facing not only the individuals, as it was back in the beginning of 2000s, but also enterprises and critical infrastructures. In 2013, the World Economic Forum placed cyber attacks among the most influential global risks. This indicates that cyber attacks are now acknowledged the same way as other accidental risks such as health problems, safety, and extreme weather. This talk will present the current threat landscape and list the technical challenges the malware defenders are faced with to fight with the advanced cyber threats. Furthermore, the talk will also touch upon the urgent need for big data analysis on security-related data.

RSDA Keynote #2: Brendan Murphy, Microsoft Research

Title. The role of data analytics in Reliability and Security Verification

Abstract. As a product evolves its approach to reliability and security often goes through three separate stages. In its early stages reliability and security is achieved through applying good engineering practices, such as code reviews, and trusting in the ability of its engineering team. As the product scales and matures then additional reliability requirements start appearing, such as backward compatibility, and as its functionality evolves so can its attack surface, complicating security verification. There are a number of tool and techniques to address these issues, all that is required is the time and resources. In its third stage the cost of the products verification process starts having a significant impact, decreasing the agility of the development process while increasing its cost. It is at this third stage that product group recognize the need for data analytics to focus its verification efforts to ensure reliability and security of the product while not hindering its development. This talk will discuss the practical limitations of a lot of reliability and security techniques, highlighting the lack of silver bullets. The talk will provide the speakers perspective of data analytics and how it can be used to optimize the application of reliability and security techniques during the development process.