Call for papers

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The WoSoCer workshop series is a forum for discussing and promoting the adoption of novel strategies, methods, processes, formalisms and techniques for the certification of software-intensive systems, able to address the rising complexity of software.

We welcome contributions related (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Certification of cloud computing services and infrastructures (special theme of WoSoCer 2015)
  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of system dependability and resilience
  • Certification and assurance of systems and services
  • Certification of software for emerging technological trends, including dynamic, autonomic, large-scale, and distributed systems
  • Certification of third-party components, software reuse and open-source software across systems and services
  • Certification and best practices of software development processes in safety- and security-critical domains
  • Economics of certification and standards
  • Adoption of emerging technologies and best-practices in safety- and security-critical domains
  • Open issues, practical experiences and real-world case studies
  • Cross-fertilization between safety and security certification and standards

      Accepted peer-reviewed papers will be included in a supplemental volume of the ISSRE conference proceedings, and published by the IEEE Computer Society on IEEE Xplore.

      Extended, peer-reviewed versions of the best papers will be invited for potential publication in a special issue of Reliability Engineering & System Safety, a high-impact Elsevier journal (more information available here).

      About the special theme

      The cloud computing paradigm is today the foundation of IT systems in business-critical domains, such as banking, e-commerce, and telecommunication. However, cloud computing has also raised concerns among cloud users about security and privacy, since services and data are now deployed in remote cloud computing infrastructures managed by third-party organizations, making more difficult for customers to select a cloud computing solution that fits their needs. Therefore, the certification of cloud services and infrastructures has become a high-priority issue for service providers and the user community, as demonstrated by recent initiatives on cloud computing standards, such as the NIST Cloud Computing Program, the ENISA Cloud Security and Resilience initiative, the ISO/IEC 27018, and the Open Data Center Alliance.